New England Vineyards*

Vines in Snow, Warren, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Located on the north side of Lake Waramaug in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut sits the Hopkins Inn. Well known for its hospitality and fine restaurant, it is also the site of Hopkins Vineyards and tasting room. While not as nationally famous as the products of Northern California, New England does, in fact produce wine. *There are currently more than thirty-seven licensed wineries in Connecticut alone. One thing California growers don’t have to worry about is freezing cold winters and snow; thankfully, New England vintners haven’t had to worry about drought and brush fires.

These vines are on the slopes of the hills overlooking Lake Waramaug. I pushed my luck driving up a dirt road that had turned into a muddy rut, then trudged further up the hill to photograph these gnarly vines that will be sprouting green in just a few weeks…..I hope.

Panasonic GX85 with the little 12-32mm kit zoom which has surprised me for its performance. Processed in Snapseed. This was the first time I had any real problem with the GX85 EVF; I just couldn’t manage to shield it well enough from the snow glare. Surprisingly, I could actually see better using the rear screen to compose my images. I don’t know how they manage that.


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