Afternoon Shadows


I had arrived in Boston, and had been looking for a place to park. Who knew that was going to be such a big deal? I had asked my Airbnb host if there was parking nearby, and should have realized that the pause before he answered was significant. “Yeah, there is on street parking close by, but not right here.”  As it turns out, much of inner Boston is divided up into these little neighborhoods, and each one has it’s own parking permit, so technically I could park on any street close by…if I didn’t mind getting a ticket. Well eventually I managed find a spot on the same street. Four blocks away. I thought I was doing good until I discovered that it was only because it was Sunday, and come Monday, I would only be able to park there for two hours. Did I mention what a beautiful day it was, and how wonderful the city looked?

Where was I? The point of all that is that this building was right where I parked, and after driving around for what seemed like a long time I was ready to make a photograph. Did I mention that the whole time I was driving around I had to pee? Another thing they don’t tell you about getting old.

I’m in Boston for a meet up with another WordPress blogger. We have become something like pen pals, and one day I asked John if he would be interested in meeting face to face. He was, and we are. I’ll let you know how that goes. I think it’s going to be a hoot.

Olympus OMD EM1 with 12-40mmf2.8 zoom, processed in Snapseed.


3 comments on “Afternoon Shadows

  1. nikkorbacher says:

    Maybe you and John could upload some shots of each other. If John does, please post a link. Looking forward to more.
    Nice red.


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