The wilds of my backyard

Catalpa and Vine, Brookfield, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I got home after dinner and a trip to the grocery store, and the sun had already set. But the sky was aglow with light reflected off high clouds; the back side of a thunderstorm we had experienced earlier. I had thought that it was too late for a chance for photography, but as sometimes happens, there was an image waiting to be made right in front of me.

I suspect that there are those who would look at what borders my backyard…okay, parking lot, as an eyesore, an overgrown bit of junkwood, vines and brambles, but as they used to say, “it is mine own”. Well, not actually mine, but it’s what I see when I step out my door, which sort of makes it mine. And don’t we often regard what is ours as beautiful? There in that lovely Alpenglow, the edge of wilderness that abuts my lot was as beautiful as any forest anywhere.

I put the EMD-1 on a tripod and zoomed and cropped until I had a pleasing arrangement, made several exposures, and the light was gone.

OMD EM-1 with 40-150 f2.8 zoom processed in Snapseed.






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