A bit more on the mystery tree

In the previous post I said that the tree that was shown looked similar to the yews shown in Alan Frost’s blog post. Well, it did, if you only looked at the trunk and it’s bark. But, as sometimes happens, if we go back and review we can learn a bit more. For instance the fact yews are conifers, and my specimen is not. A fact that would have been readily apparent if I’d ever looked at the one remaining limb that has leaves! What a boob! Below is an image that shows most of the tree as it remains. It is a bit confusing because there is another tree that is directly behind the tree in question. But if you look closely at the limb which has the support under it, one can make out leaves, not the needles of a conifer.

The mystery tree.

And here is a closer look of the leaves.

The mystery tree close up.

Any ideas?


2 comments on “A bit more on the mystery tree

  1. BuntyMcC says:

    Looks like a beech, but could slso be an elm. Seems to be a “Group 11” tree in my tree key book. You really need a sharp shot of leaves showing whether they are opposite or alternate on the branch/twig and one that shows the leaf edges and how the veins extend from the centre to the edges.


  2. dontwait says:

    I was going to say a Beech Tree too.


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