The steeplejack question

Steeplejacks, Washington Depot, Connecticut © Steven Willard

A beautiful summer day, perfect for the job at hand of repainting the steeple. I would have liked to have photographed them when they were closer to the top, but you take your shots as you find them. I was concentrating on framing and exposure when my friend Paul posed the question I hadn’t thought of, “How did they get to the top in the first place?” I have no idea.

Note: This is an excellent example of this lens’ performance. Tap the image to view at 100% and note the detail in the rope. Also note the lack of chromatic aberration at the bare branches. I added no sharpening in processing. The companion 12-40mm zoom is good, but I don’t think quite matches this one, though lenses vary it explains why this is such a popular lens in the Olympia lineup.

Olympus OMD EM1 with 40-150mm f2.8 zoom lens, processed in Snapseed.


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