Upon reflection


Asemic #14, Refection © Steven Willard

It had been a while since I had used the Pentax K5IIs, so long I wondered if the battery still held a charge. I needn’t have worried. It fired right up and showed a nearly full charge.

I was prompted to take the K5 out by an article on Mike Johnston’s The Online Photographer (TOP)* the blog I’d miss the most if I lost all internet services. This particular article was another of many online discussions about the relative merits of DSLRs with their optical viewfinders (OVF) versus mirrorless cameras which use electronic viewfinders (EVF), among other differences. I won’t rehash the article, or readers’ comments, my own included, but suggest you go to the source instead. If you aren’t familiar TOP  I encourage you to have a look around at the most eclectic photo related blog on the net, largely because of Mike, but also because of the contributors and some of the most interesting reader/commentators you are likely to come across relating to photography.

Anyway….while I had the camera in hand I took a few minutes thinking back on all the time I spent holding that camera, and all the images I had taken with it. I took a few photographs, listening to that quiet shutter, and began to….wait for it…reflect on how each new piece of equipment sparked my enthusiasm to go out and photograph, even if it didn’t make my images any better. That it’s in the doing that we progress and hopefully improve, not which new piece of gear we acquire. Furthermore, I think that after having set the K5 aside for awhile, I might benefit from picking it up again, not exactly like a new piece of gear, but like getting reacquainted with an old friend I haven’t seen for too long.


* http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2017/06/why-buy-a-dslr.html


Pentax K5IIs with 35mm f2.8 macro processed with Snapseed on my iPad.







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