Why here?

Water pump, Bridgewater, Connecticut Β© Steven Willard

Late one afternoon I was on my way home by a route I don’t use very often. As I came up a hill and round a bend in the road I found myself face to face with this old pump. I must have seen it before, but just not taken any notice. That does happen and is one of the reasons I enjoy photographing in a place I’ve come to know so well; I keep finding things I’ve missed.

There is a farmhouse off to the left of this view. It dates to the 1860s by my estimation. Not remarkable in appearance, but what I find interesting is why the pump is so far from the house, twentyfive yards or so. Not exactly convient to the house. Perhaps there is another pump in the house and this one was for watering the horses or the Model T that overheated making the climb up the hill to the farm. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know-no one lives in the house.

OMD EM1 with 40-150mm f2.8 zoom.


8 comments on “Why here?

  1. What a lovely little piece you have written. Just the kind of things I like to notice, the details that make a place tick. Especially that bit of imagination towards the end πŸ™‚


  2. Could be that’s just where the water ended up being found; they dropped the pipes and such right there and figured a brisk walk to and from for the kids or the field hands – you know how hearty folks were back then. 100 miles up hill in the snow both ways just to get to the one room school house types.

    All of that to say, I like this picture. Have you thought about doing a “picture” book that includes your observations, poems, and such that you write here?


    • Of course you are probably right, practical pinch penny New Englanders.

      As a matter of fact I been getting some suggestions along the lines of a book, but all from friends, and you know how friends are. I doubt that a picture book would be financially successful. I do have an ego and would like to see myself on a bookstore shelf, but my bank account can’t support it. What I am considering is an ebook for Kindle. Still lots of work though. Regardless, it’s very kind of you to even suggest it.

      Hope you are feeling better.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Feeling much better though the episodes of hot flash / muscle weakness still occur – I’ve got an appointment with the nurse practitioners on the 20th for a general follow up to my “physical”; if I haven’t heard back about the note I sent, then I’ll bring it all up then and hope for a referral to the endocrinologist. Thanks.

        Now, about the book…I’m such an advocate for independent artists I sometimes blank on the actual expense, particularly for a print job that would do your pictures justice. Oh well, I’ll keep tossing ideas out there because I really do think your photos are amazing and would make such nice, sell-able pieces of art.


  3. Beautiful imaginary – the silhouette of the pump and the softness of the surrounding…warm regards Karen


    • Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. Thanks too for deciding to follow. I hope you will find the time (and interest) to have a look back through my blog.

      I haven”t had a chance to visit you own blog but will do it soon.

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