In a land far away

America the beautiful, Joseph City, Arizona, © Steven Willard

Well it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting away from home this summer, at least not very far. In lieu of actually getting away I have been revisiting images from the drive I took bringing the RV back from California. A few of you may have already seen some of these, if so I apologize. I won’t bore you with the whole trip, but will grab a few images at random.

This  image is of the Cholla Power plant located just outside Joseph City, AZ. I had been driving for a couple of hours through the wide open landscape common to the southwest United States. As a kid I had traveled through here several times and have the memory of great spaces and wonder; I wondered who would choose to live out in the middle of nowhere. The spaces remain, but now I have a little more appreciation of this part of the country, and what attracts some people to it.

Coal is all over the news these days it seems, as people talk about the different options of alternative fuel sources. Like everything else, perspectives and opinions change with location. In the northeast one option is wind. It seemed like a rather benighn choice to me, but there is a vocal group who just can’t stand the notion of a windmill anywhere nearby. I wonder how they would like to have a plant like this in their town?

To spread the sympathy around, the plant was powered by coal from the McKinley Mines until 2009 when the mines were closed. I wonder where all those mine workers are working now? There is a Wal-Mart not far away, but they can’t hire them all. To be realistic, those jobs are never coming back no matter how many speeches the politicians make, or how loud their protestations.

These are the kinds of things I was pondering on that long drive home.

Olympus OMD EM5 with kit zoom.


6 comments on “In a land far away

  1. Joe says:

    I think those same people that don’t want wind turbines installed should be forced to live near a coal fired power plant Steven. Very cool shot.


  2. Jane Lurie says:

    Good thoughts and image, Steven. I agree with Joe!


  3. steviegill says:

    Over here in England, wind turbines are also very divisive. Personally, I think they’re visually pleasing and add to vistas in a way not entirely dissimilar to traditional windmills.


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