Okay, look here

I seem to have said something that may have been taken poorly by our friends to the south…..you know, Mexico. See, what you may not know is that I grew up in Texas, and some of my friends were Mexicans. Well, technically they were Texans, or maybe Americans even, but the point is, they were my friends. At least I think they were, although sometimes they were speaking Spanish. See, that’s the thing. They lived in Texas, went to Texas public schools, even spoke English-sort of-but we could be friendly. They lived there in Texas, but managed to hang on to their culture, whereas we Texans had no culture at all! We were positively un-cultured with a capital U!

So my point is this, just because I say I like Mexican food doesn’t mean I think any less of Mexicans. Don’t jump to conclusions! Hell, I ate so many beans as a kid I’m still full of them.


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