The Bath Not Taken

Corn Field in Snow #1, Woodbury, CT © Steven Willard

Corn Field in Snow #1, Woodbury, CT © Steven Willard

Newcomers to this blog may not know that I live full time in an RV, a thirty foot Winnebago, and that this is my second winter in New England doing so. No, I don’t go south for the winter. I have found that with very few modifications (insulation over the windows and two small electric space heater), it’s possible to live very comfortably.

Of course there are a few things that I have to do that the regular homeowner doesn’t. Although I get my electricity from “shore” via a thirty amp line, I am not connected to a water line or a sewage system. My water for washing and flushing comes from a seventy gallon tank under the bed that forms one side of a closed system; when my fresh water tank is empty my waste tanks are full. When that happens I have to lower the RV off its jackstands so that I can empty the grey and black water tanks, and then refill my fresh water tank. If I’m really frugal I can go about four weeks. I can manage this by not taking showers in the RV, even though I have that option, it just uses too much water. I solve this problem by being a member of the “Y” near me and using the showers there. It isn’t advertised loudly, but if one is a certain age and a member of one of the participating health insurance groups, membership in the “Y” is free.*Which means all I have to do is go to the “Y” and I can luxuriate in a really nice long hot shower and not use water from my tank. It also means I can take advantage of most of the classes and all the other facilities such as the pool and steam bath.

But! This morning when I rolled out of bed with intentions of going to the “Y” for a bath, this is what faced me. I chose instead to get dressed and take the cameras for a drive. The bath can wait. These two photographs were made out the window of the car and processed on my iPad over a cup of coffee at New Morning Market in Woodbury. Not sure which one I prefer. Anybody?



Corn Field in Snow #2, Woodbury, CT © Steven Willard

Olympus OMD EM1 with 12-40mm f2.8 zoom, processed using Snapseed and Stackables.

*The program goes under the name of “Silver Sneakers” and as far as I can tell is good at all “Ys” in the US. Check at your local “Y”.


15 comments on “The Bath Not Taken

  1. nikkorbacher says:

    Numeros dos. I like the pink(ish) hues.


  2. Helen C says:

    I like the second one more. Too many trees for me in the first one 😉


  3. #1… creates the feeling of being in a cold environment. But #2 is excellent too! #2 would be my fav if it would be bluish and if object isolation would be perfect. A tree isolated from the background. But I live in a “flat” environment and know how difficult this is. Well done, Steven.


  4. JohnAmes says:

    For me it’s Corn Field in Snow #2. I’m drawn to the stark little tree.


  5. Corn Field in Snow #1 calls to me…another great shot perfect for a book cover.


  6. Dana, I don’t know what an ARC is, but I think it would be simpler if you just told me which image you would like to use. I’m not asking for payment for the image if it’s used for your book cover, billboards are another matter;-). I’,m on LinkedIn if you want to contact me there.


  7. Those are some fabulous winter scenes! And my hat off to you for sticking winter out in your RV, it makes me embarrassed that we have ‘toughed’ it out this year in FL for the cold season.
    Buying my first decent camera this week – I can only hope I produce some shots like these one day. 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind comment. I wish you all the best with your new camera. Whatever you buy. spend the time learning it’s features/menus. Take lots of photographs-you don’t need to worry about film and development costs. Don’t delay in picking an image management software and be diligent about using it, I didn’t and have never caught up. Keep in touch!

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