Empty your pockets


The laundry, Sandy Hook, Connecticut © Steven Willard

My first task of the day on Monday was an appointment with my tax preparer. It wasn’t too bad because I’m getting money back, unless Mr. Trump has another surprise up his sleeve. The reason I get money back is because I have extra money withheld each paycheck. According to Jeannette, my tax person, I’m not alone. Lots of her clients do the same. It seems it’s common for people to purposely let the government hold our money, at zero interest during the year, just because we don’t want to have to come up with the cash to pay the tax in April. If I was better at managing my money I’d have some account where I deposited cash to use for paying those taxes that actually earned interest during the year. But, that takes discipline, and that’s something I seem to lack. So, I let my uncle use my money, but he has to pay me back.

Well anyway, I was happy to see that I will get a nice check in a few weeks, but it was disheartening to see how much of my hard earned cash I was never going to see again. “Taken to the cleaners”, they say.

It seemed perfectly appropriate at the end of the day as I turned out my pockets at the laundry.

IPhone 5s processed with Snapseed.




3 comments on “Empty your pockets

  1. nikkorbacher says:

    Did you stage this photo? It’s so well composed. At the left end the open washer door in the sunlight, at the right end the “before and after” woman on the tv. Either well-staged, or well-composed in your view-finder. Great reflections emanating from the washer door on the right. The red decorations and the “before” woman’s red dress. Lots to admire.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Not staged at all. I was sitting waiting for my clothes to dry, when I noticed the shadow on the right hand machine. I had my iPhone in my hand so I took the picture. A little cropping and editing in Snapseed, and there you go.


  2. Herb & Kathy says:

    Easy come …. easy go


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