Can you believe it?


Seriously? Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t what I expect to see when I step up to a urinal. Over the years I’ve gotten used to graffiti, sometimes clever and humorous, more often gross or obscene. Sometimes there are suggestions that challenge the reader to do things either with someone else, or, occasionally to oneself, usually things I would find impossible. In some places I’ve found the front page of a newspaper, movie reviews, pages from novels (I assume the pages are changed periodically), and more often, chalk boards which seem to solicit some sort of participation. This was a first.

I’ve never felt comfortable having a conversation while standing at a urinal, nor am I comfortable carrying on a conversation while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom. To me it’s an invasion of my privacy, my space if you will, and I resent people who try to initiate such conversations while I’m held captive by Nature. What can be so important that it can’t wait until I’m finished?

Well, you say, leaving a card on the urinal is not a conversation. I beg to differ. Whoever left “his card”, and it must have been a he, had tried to initiate a conversation with me as surely as if he had been standing there while  I peed because I was forced to respond. “What sort of person leaves messages from the Bible on a public urinal?”Do you see what I mean? He has got me talking to myself in his absence!

As a person who grew up in the Christian faith I’m familiar with the concept of “witnessing” for a religion, but I sincerely doubt this is what Jesus had in mind. There is a time and place, and this was neither. This was just plain bad taste. Just my opinion.


2 comments on “Can you believe it?

  1. Pat says:

    So funny. Thanks for sharing a piece of the male world that I never visit. I, too, find it intrusive to be witnessed to when I haven’t invited it – even if it is a calling card. 🙂


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