Winter Bones

Winter Bones, Washington, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Winter Bones, Washington, Connecticut © Steven Willard

The thermometer read -7 F as I rolled over in bed; the sun was not up yet. Thank goodnesss for the little space heaters in the RV. With the steps I have taken to add insulation to the coach they are just enough to keep the place a comfortable 65 F without using the propane furnace which serves as my backup.

It had snowed yesterday and into the night, but it had stopped sometime in the early morning. There was no reason to get up…I’m off Mondays…but I couldn’t go back to sleep. Nature called so I had to get up, and once up I decided to make a pot of coffee and check my email.

Fourty-five minutes later I was dressed and taking the first tentative steps down to the lot where my car waited, covered in snow. It was the kind of snow that made little squeaky noises with every step. Does that mean the snow was cold, or what? I think maybe I’ll go back and reread “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”. I half remember the bit about how she had grown up in Greenland where the Inuits had many words to discribe snow. This is what happens when I get up before the sun. Jeez it’s cold!

I started the car and went inside to gather my gear while it warmed up. Praise to Honda for a heater that really works. Out on the road I was happy to see the road crews had been up even earlier than I. By the time I have driven to Bridgewater, where I collect my mail, I have turned the heat down and taken off my hat. There were just a few pieces of mail, one of them being a replacement knife from Kershaw. I had sent in a knife for repair, but they no longer had the parts for it so they gave me a new knife, very reasonable of them.

As I drove over to Woodbury I began to see possible photographs. The ground was covered with snow, but there was none in the trees because of the wind. The sun was trying to break free of a winter overcast, but there was no warmth in it. I stopped the car on a desearted country road and rolled down the window. There, from the comfort of a warm car, I made six exposures and was on my way, satisfied. The trees in silhouette revealed their winter bones.

Olympus OMD E M1 with 40-150mm f2.8 zoom, processed in Nik Snapseed on my iPad.




2 comments on “Winter Bones

  1. B. Nelson says:

    I really like this shot. Perhaps because it reminds me so much of an oil painting that I bought years ago which is just the branches of a tree against snow. An image that has always fascinated me.

    Liked by 1 person

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