Abstract of another time

Rusty Abstract © Steven Willard

Rusty Abstract, 2009 © Steven Willard

I have pulled this image up from the depths from 2009. The photograph was made during a visit from my very good friend,Woody, who was up from his home in Austin, Texas. We had been close friends since high school where we served on the yearbook staff as photographers. It was a short visit, but we spent much of it driving around my haunts as I showed him northwestern Connecticut.

This image was a trial really. I had only recently picked up a Canon G10, and was trying to find out if I could use it for anything more than a snapshot tool. As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised by its abilities. Woody and I took turns using it on one of our outings, and in the end he was so impressed he later bought a G11.

This may be of little interest to you, I know, but it’s a way for me to go back in time. That’s something photography is good at; helping us remember.

If you have a few minutes, do me a favor and type the name “Woody” in the search space at the top. Open the title, and when you have finished reading what’s there, I’d like you to spend some time looking back through some of your old images, not for anything special, but I’ll wager you’ll be surprised by what you find.


2 comments on “Abstract of another time

  1. nikkorbacher says:

    You have a big heart, Steve.


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