A hard lesson

Forgotten Flag


There are a lot of people licking their wounds this week. Some are seriously wondering how the process of governance was so surprisingly turned upside down. The pundits are busy assigning blame, pointing fingers in all directions, when, although the details are complicated, the simple fact is that they (we) were out played. The questions are coming fast and furious about where this is all going to end, and the picture seems bleak and more than a little frightening.

The Democratic Party has been handed a spanking-and deserves it. The DNC has failed completely, and is largely responsible for failing to offer an electable candidate. They have failed to listen to a large part of the population that has been growing increasingly frustrated, and it has finally turned and bitten them on the ass.

If this wasn’t a wake up call I don’t know what will ever convince the Democrats to rethink their positions. There are a lot of programs that are going to suffer as a result of this election, but the thing I find most concerning is the Supreme Court, and how it stands to be reshaped, and how we are in jeopardy of loosing it’s bipartisan balance.

Right now I can understand why some are tempted to roll up their flags and put them away until a happier time, when they can be brought out of the shadows and waved again; that’s understandable. But, we better not pout too long. We were caught with our pants down, and this is not going to be pleasant. We are going to get reamed. We had better get busy coming up with a plan to fix the screw up. Just my opinion.


3 comments on “A hard lesson

  1. lutzbraum says:

    We’ll said. I’m still too stunned to find the words that can accurately express my feelings, and may not find them soon, as my feelings are vacillating too much right now.


  2. nikkorbacher says:

    A fitting photo.


  3. Unfortunately history has a habit of repeating itself & when the Demos revolt it never turns out well.
    Both UK & now America had forgotten that government is for the people and by the people; when that is forgotten, expect a kicking.

    Good image, but I don’t think that both our flags will be in the shadows for long.


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