Imagine that

A little more Fall color

A little more Fall color, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Walking around Woodbury’s small green on Main Street, a chilly breeze stirring up fallen leaves, I kept putting the camera to my eye. Trying to find an image that spoke to me, that might represent this wonderful Fall afternoon, but not quite finding it. We’ve all been in a similar situation before, things just aren’t coming together the way we want.

I had parked the car in front of Canfield Pharmacy (my own drug store), and now as I walked back to the car I caught sight of the display window of the barber shop that shares the building. The amber reflection of the leaves on the trees that surround the green, the bunting, the little American flag, the small ceramic pumpkin, and the barber pole all asked to be photographed, as though they were trying to tell a story.

I often find myself looking at images such as this; images that include a number of disparate things, and feel that there is some sort of symbolism in them. It’s as though one part of my brain is attempting to make connections the other part of my brain hasn’t figured out yet; perhaps it’s the subconscious need to make some sort of order out of chaos.

As I sit here writing, listening to several conversations going on around me, I can imagine that there might be one story that could weave them all together. That that story could make sense of everything I am hearing. Or, I guess I could just accept it all as background noise. Still…..


Olympus OMD EM1 with 12-40mm f2.8 zoom, processed in Snapseed.


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