A serendipitous stop


Serendipity, Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

On a late afternoon drive that had left me frustrated for the lack of productivity, I found myself in the position of needing to stop for a “call of nature”. I pride myself in knowing the location of most of the clean facilities that are open to the public along the roads in my area, but sometimes, what I know is that there just isn’t any place close enough. This was one of those occasions.

The road I was driving was a narrow two-lane that meandered it’s way through the countryside, but what it had in charm, it lacked in convenience, so I was forced to take advantage of a wide spot along the roadside, and use natural cover, and the car as a screen. It was in this circumstance that I found myself face to face*, so to speak, with this old maple tree that was slowly dismantling the stone wall that ran alongside it, and the flowering vine that was growing over it. Having the time to contemplate the subject, I was persuaded that it would be a shame to pass this opportunity by, so as soon as I could I got the camera out and made some exposures.

I’m always happy to find something to photograph, and I’m especially happy to find it when it happens to be right off the road. In this instance, I was further blessed by the fact that I didn’t even have to stop for it, I was already stopped. It was a trifecta!

*Is it just me, or does that tree look a little like a woody Brunhilda, complete with breast plate, singing into a flowery microphone?

Pentax K5IIs with 35mm f2.8 macro. Processed in Snapseed and Photocopier on my iPad Air.



7 comments on “A serendipitous stop

  1. Allen Rowand says:

    Great image, my friend!

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  2. Thank you Allen. Nice to hear from you.


  3. JohnAmes says:

    Love the image Steve. Puzzling over sepia.

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  4. Thanks, John. I started the conversion to B&W with an app called “Photocopier” with the drop-down “Processes”. I slected the one called “Lith Print” to move to B&W. Next I moved to Snapseed and finished there. The tone you are talking about came from their “glow” slider. It’s all about playing with the combinations until you get what you like, and careful not to be heavy handed.


  5. Love the image. I guess this was a call of nature in more ways than one. Indeed I see the female figure in the tree. I spotted her right away. She is fittingly surrounded in flowers.

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  6. Excellent – well made.


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