Keep your tip up!



Angler, Falls Village, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It was a beautiful afternoon, late in summer. I was scouting for images at the new bridge across the Housatonic River, just downstream from the power company dam. I had parked the car and was walking across the bridge when I noticed this young angler trying to land a large fish. With the glare on the water, and my height and distance, I couldn’t see everything, but I could tell he was having some trouble.

Remembering what my dad had drummed into my head as a young fisherman, I shouted what I thought was good advice. “Keep the tip of your rod up. Let the rod do the work!” He was having a hard time, walking bare footed on the rocky river bottom, nearly loosing his balance several times, as he worked his way closer to his catch. “Keep the tip up”, I repeated, “you’ll get him.” He didn’t seem to hear me, or if he did he was too busy to acknowledge me. I took a few frames while I watched and waited, hoping to photograph his triumph. I zoomed in tighter to fill the frame, and that’s when I finally realized it wasn’t a fish he was dealing with, but that he had snagged the branch. No wonder his friends were laughing… me. Oh well. It was still a beautiful day, despite my embarrassment.

Olympus OMD EM1 with 40-150mm f2.8 zoom, processed in Nik Snapseed.



2 comments on “Keep your tip up!

  1. Lutz Braum says:

    Nice composition of the parallel rod and branch.

    Liked by 1 person

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