Lily, in sun


Lily,in sun, Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts © Steven Willard

How do you decide which of literally hundreds of flowers to photograph? Walking the Bridge of Flowers on a lovely afternoon is a challenge. For one thing you won’t be alone. This repurposed trolley bridge has been a major tourist draw to the small town of Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts since the women’s garden club took it over in 1929. The 400 foot long bridge crosses the Deerfield river just above the dam and the road bridge that connects the two halves of the town. Besides the Bridge of Flowers there are several commendable restaurants, gift shops and at least one very nice craft store that sells a selection of furniture, paintings, jewelry, and photographic prints, all by local artists.

Not being particularly informed with regard to flowers, I just photographed what caught my eye, and what I could get to without including someone’s leg in the frame. I had selected to carry the 12-40mm zoom which focuses comfortably close and is as sharp as anything I’ll ever need. It was a sunny day with only a few clouds drifting by, so my strategy was to wait for a cloud to cover the sun, reducing the contrast, before making my exposures.

Shelbourne Falls is a wonderful spot to spend a day if you like flowers, (and photographing them), and there are enough other things to do here to satisfy the other person if their interests differ.

Olympus OMD EM1 with 12-40mm (24-80 35 equivalent) f2.8, processed in Snapseed.


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