Now, let’s all look to the left

Follow the leader

Follow the leader

Well, after a week of watching, and listening, to more than I cared to about one person’s vision of our country and everything that’s wrong with it (and who’s to blame) it’s now time to get an earful from the (loyal?) opposition. Now we pivot, to use the new term, to that other vision. It’s like watching a tennis match, look left, then right, to follow the action; the problem here is that no matter who serves, they either serve into the net, or lob the ball completely out of bounds; but unlike tennis, there is no love here.

It is so hard for me to understand that after winnowing down our population of some 320 million to those eligible to stand for president, (let’s be really conservative) to 1 million, these two individuals are the best we could come up with. That we are being asked to choose between these two is an embarrassment on the world stage, and if the consequences were not so serious, would be risible.

To torture an old quip by Yogi Berra; when, some day in the future, we look back on this election, we can say with pride, “We came to a fork in the road and we took it”.

Just my opinion.


2 comments on “Now, let’s all look to the left

  1. Every election it is choosing the lesser of two evils as far as I’m concerned. Short of an all out revolution (we haven’t had one in years…), what else is there to do?


  2. I really don’t know, and I believe that shared feeling is what is driving so much of the unrest we see these days. The sense that no matter how engaged one is in the process, we discover the whole thing is controlled by a few insider elites (this post was written before I had heard much of the news about the DNC), and that the game is being played without a full deck-and the rules keep changing.


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