Getting a little exercise



One of these things….

Pardon me for borrowing from Sessame Street, but I’ll borrow my inspiration where I find it.

I was taking a slow walk (slow because it was hot) on Main Street in Woodbury in an attempt to exercise my long zoom. It sounds obvious; that having a long lens on the camera would lead one to select small details, to isolate; but if you have spent most of your time using a slightly wide lens it takes a little retraining; breaking old habits.  So here I was, with no place else to be, walking along with the sun near its zenith, trying to pick out details and vignettes that hint at the larger scene. To be more selective.


Summer sun

Summer sun

There are times when the noon sun can work to our advantage; emphasizing textures for instance, and to emphasize that long reach.



Favorite colors

Using the long lens to compress elements in a scene, and at the same time, use the limited depth of focus to seperate them.



Porch rockers speak in black and white

The ability to isolate elements facilitates the construction of formal compositions that can be more challenging with a wider lens.



Human patterns vie with the natural

The different viewpoint of a long lens (different for me at least) results in images I wouldn’t have seen before. It’s a bit like mental yoga, stretching those parts that don’t get used often enough.


All images from Main Street, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Olympus OMD EM1 and 40-150mm f2.8 zoom edited in Nik Snapseed on my iPad Air.

The 40-150mm continues to awe and amaze me for its sharpness, even wide open, its fast focus, its clarity-I see no chromatic aberration, and how well it balances on the M1, especially with the battery grip. This, in my opinion, is a tour de force effort from a lens maker already well known for some excellent products. The fact that it is also beautifully crafted is just icing on the cake.



2 comments on “Getting a little exercise

  1. Pat says:

    Steve, I really enjoyed seeing the elements and details of your neighborhood. I think that doing what you did shows the personality of the place and time. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Pat. It’s something for me to realize that I have lived here 26 years now. It’s a small town, population around 7,000, and yet I can still find new things to photograph-even if I need to convince myself that I need a new lens to do it 😉


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