Tendril, Brookfield, Connecticut © Steven Willard

If you were a growing plant trying to get along in the world; trying to get to a place where you could gather enough sunlight to exist, you wouldn’t hesitate to grab whatever assistance you could. That’s natural. The thing is, everything-and everybody-needs a little help sometime. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever made it through life without some help, some extra support. That’s natural, too. How we decide when someone is-I’ll say it-entitled to some help is a question I can’t answer, probably because the answer is, like most things, it depends. Unfortunately, the decision is almost always made by the people who do the supporting. How much do we ask of them, how much is fair? Again, I think, it depends. There are some in the world who will never have enough and who resent parting with even the smallest sum. There are also those who realize they have more than they need to be satisfied and derive real happiness giving to others less fortunate.

I understand that it’s natural for someone to want to hold onto what they have. But if it’s true that a rising tide lifts all boats, won’t those at the top rise along with those below. And doesn’t it make sense not to limit those little boats by tying them to a heavy anchor with a rope so short that they swamp and sink, dragging everyone down a little. Wouldn’t it be better to be sure that everyone had plenty of rope so that they could rise to their particular potential?

I’m not smart enough to offer answers (but smart enough to know few will listen), but it seems to me that if you have more food than you can eat in your lifetime-or more money than you can spend wisely, giving some of it to someone who needs it will only lighten your burden in this life, and the one to come, if you really believe in that stuff like you say you do.

That’s just my opinion.


One comment on “Support

  1. Beautiful composition and much wisdom in your opinion, which is from my understanding, consistent with most of the great faiths of the world. And, also fairly consistent to what can be observed and learned from the natural world.


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