“Is” and “Was”

Is and Was, New Milford, Connecticut © Steven Willard

“Is”and “Was”, New Milford, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Have you ever noticed that people can be divided between those who identify with what is, and those who identify with what was? I’m not talking about people who collect antiques or like to drive old cars, but those who believe the best way forward is to try to go backward. They don’t understand that’s impossible. Pretending that we can somehow turn the clock back to some time when things were better is impossible, and simplistic notions of how we can make that happen are just that, simplistic and unrealistic. Unfortunately, simplistic is the language of some politicians, and political wannnabes. They argue that the answers to today’s problems are simple; problems with immigration-build a wall. Problems with crime-give more people guns. Problems with drug addiction-put more people in jail, especially if they are black or brown, and let private corporations make millions operating the prisons.

It’s a complex world in need of people who are willing to see it as it is, not as they think it used to be, and who are willing to formulate real answers. We also need voters who recognize when they are being sold a lot of slogans and meaningless overly simple answers to complex problems.

We can never go back to some idealized notion of how good things were in the old days-even if they really were all that good. It’s time to face facts, strap on a pair, and get on with dealing with how we can work together to make life better for everybody. Just my opinion.


2 comments on ““Is” and “Was”

  1. JohnAmes says:

    May I add my voice to your well crafted opinion as well! (and by the way, your photograph is pretty fine too)


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