Iris impressions


Iris impressions, Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I’ve always admired irises, especially the iris sanguinea we often see at the edge of small ponds here. That blue is perhaps the more common color for irises and perhaps it was the less common yellow that drew me to the group of blossoms someone had planted in a traffic triangle. It was late, almost 8 o’clock, but the light was so nice; soft and glowing the way it is just after the sun goes down, the usual blue cast of shade offset by the golden hue of sunset. So I thought I’d give it a try. What’s to loose, anyway?

I walked around the little planting, zooming in and out, keeping the f-stop almost wide open to limit the depth of focus (and because the light demanded it). Once again the Olympus excellent image stabilization came though, enabling me to hand-hold at 1/125 with the zoom at 100mm (200mm eq.). It really is remarkable.

The jpeg files (yes, I know all about the merits of raw files) were well color balanced and sharp with no in camera sharpening, and no sharpening was added in processing. I brought the image into Snapseed and then Stackables for the filters you see here. I’ll let you know how it prints.


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