Bob, Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Bob, Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Bob has been a Friday night regular for a lot longer than I since he has been Marc’s friend far longer. He is a heavy reader and remembers more of what he reads than most. His focus is history, largely European, with heavy interest in things military, but he could just as easily talk intelligently about South American politics.  Bob has a record collection that would keep a classical music station on the air for months without repetition, and in fact he has done a little broadcast voice work in the past. To top it all off he has a good sense of humor. Friday’s are always more lively when he’s there.

Olympus OMD EM with 42.5mm f1.7 lens processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. All of the portraits I’ve posted from my Friday night group have been made by available light, predominately a single incandescent bulb in a frosted globe about nine inched in diameter with a small lamp shade. The whole thing hangs from the ceiling over the bar, so it’s just a matter of  waiting for the right moment.


5 comments on “Bob

  1. Lutz Braum says:

    great lighting, captures the introspective mood perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Lutz. One thing I have learned over the years is that it’s better, at least for me, to use the simplest lighting and concentrate more on the subject. And you’re right, Bob is a pretty deep old file.


  3. anandpk17 says:

    Perfect … Beautiful lighting ..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marc Isolda says:

    very nice portrait old boy, Bob will be pleased!!!


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