You are invited!


You are invited, Sherman, Connecticut

It’s that time again. Susan, Marc and I are getting together again for a group exhibit at the White Silo Winery and Gallery. If you find yourself in the area, please stop in for a sample of drink and take some time to look at the photographs; maybe even buy a print. We will try to be present, schedules permitting, and would love to meet you and have a chat.


6 comments on “You are invited!

  1. I am afraid that I will find myself not in the area, but I wish you guys success and all the best with your exhibit. Have fun!

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  2. edremu says:

    It’s a pity I am so far 😦 May be next time. Good luck!


  3. Allen says:

    Darn it, Kerry and I are coming east but we’ll just miss the show. I’m sure it will be great! I really like the new styles you’ve been trying lately.


  4. Well at least by the shop and say hello.


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