Waiting for tea


Waiting for tea, Washington Depot, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I drink a fair amount of coffee. Not nearly as much as I did while in the Army, but still I manage to drink five or six cups on any given day. But there are those occasions when I really enjoy a “cuppa” in the afternoon, especially on my days off. Perhaps it’s a manifestation of my English heritage, or maybe I’m deluding myself on some level that it’s healthier, I don’t know.

I had stopped at Marty’s Cafe for a sit down after taking a drive this afternoon. I’m currently making a real effort to learn the M1’s menu and one of the things I hadn’t tried was its Wi-Fi connectivity. So, while sitting here waiting for a fresh cup of English Breakfast, I grabbed this image and learned how to down (up?) load it to my iPad. It isn’t as fast as using the card reader thingy, but I can imagine there might be times when it will come in handy.

Olympus OMD EM1 with kit zoom.


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