The trouble with trees

The trouble with trees

The trouble with trees, Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It doesn’t require that you go back very far in this blog to see that I have this thing about trees. In driving around my part of the country I have gotten to know a few of them as photo subjects and have returned time and again to photograph and visit with them. My favorites are those that stand alone in some field, thumbing their proverbial noses at what nature casts their way; winds, storms and lightning. I admire their strength and resilience, and have wept when they have finally been overcome. Does that seem strange to you? It seems to me we care too much about things but too little about these living beings that give us so much and ask for so little.

The trouble of course is that they have a way of getting in our way and we can’t just ask them to move. That’s the trouble with trees.



One comment on “The trouble with trees

  1. As a tree lover, I can say I have spent a great deal of time listening to them. It does make me sad when a tree is felled but all life has a cycle. They make for stunning photography and friends.

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