Just a small inconvenience

Pump pump

Gate, Washington, Conneticut © Steven Willard

As I drove down a narrow road in Washington I happened to notice this rustic gate, long unused. I think if it hadn’t been for the purple brambles growing up around it I probably wouln’t have bothered to stop the car or to get out to investigate. There didn’t seem to be much here photographically besides those thorny brambles; short stone fence, with a pasture on each side, brown leaves, and the primitive gate now missing all its rails but one.

We get used to seeing things as they are now and these days that fence would be wooden posts with wire or if horses are involved, wood (or even plastic) rails. We are used to the more industrial approach, wire or milled lumber, with a gate on metal hinges, rather than a solution that required a bit more local labor. This solution called for a pair of uprights on each side of the opening with a set of rungs that carried four rails to complete the gate and the necessity of moving each rail individually twice every time the gate was opened and closed. Not a big thing, but indicative of a situation where someone was willing to trade a bit of inconvenience to save some cash, or perhaps it was a case of necessity because no hardware was available.

Today there would likely be no question. We would go to the hardware store and buy a couple of hinges and a latch and install everything with a cordless drill. We would willingly trade a little cash for convenience. We do it all the time; cash for convenience.

I was also taken by that one piece of white quartz in the bottom of the wall. That was clearly no accident but a thoughtful move to “sign” the work by whoever built the wall.

Pentax K5IIs with 35mm f2.8 macro lens processed in Snapseed on my iPad Air,


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