Past their prime

Rotten Squasg, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willlard

Rotten Squash, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willlard

Something else had caught my eye at the nursery next door to my “office” away from home. That would be New Morning, the natural food store in Woodbury. The coffee is good and fresh and the food and snacks arguably healthier than most places, and besides, I am fond of John, the founder of the company.

Anyway, I was sitting here watching the light change on the solar panel array at the nursery that abuts New Morning. It occurred d to me that there just might be an interesting image there so I set off to have a look. Once I was over there actually looking through the viewfinder, however, I was disappointed. It just didn’t come together. Well that’s somethingI know has happened to all of us so I cast about for something more interesting (I had, after all, left the comfort of a warm seat and walked the length of a football field. No sense coming back empty handed).

It was clear that the nursery had dumped all the squash and pumpkins that hadn’t sold, but rather than call it a complete loss they had dumped them at the far end of the property close to the woods so that deer and other critters could munch on them during the winter. I liked that.

Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom, processed in PS Express a and Snapseed on my iPad Air.


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