Shades of grey


Shapely leaves, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

One of the photography excersises I practice now and then is to go back through my image files to look for subjects that might make successful conversions to black and white. I look for images that are rich in tones, textures, and shapes that aren’t dependent on color for clarity. I also play a game where I imagine paging through one of the magazines like Architectural Digest and seeing a wall in someone’s home displaying a row of my photographs, nicely matted and framed in black. What sort of photographs might they have chosen?

This is a photograph I can imagine gracing one of those walls; complex lines and curves, a subject both familiar and mysterious and rich in tones, not printed too large, maybe 12 inches on the long side. In reality, I don’t find too many people exhibiting photographs as wall art, though I don’t know why not.

Olympus OMD EM5 with a manual focus 50mm f3.5 macro Olympus lens from the film series, processed using Snapseed and PhotoCopier apps on my iPad Air.


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