Parkinson’s revealed


Steven Willard, 2011 © Marc Isolda

Steven Willard, 2011 © Marc Isolda

I came across this image of me, taken by my friend Marc, before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s desease. Looking at it now I am inclined to wonder if it is revealing something like a Kirlian sign of the disease I didn’t yet know I had. Stranger things happen. So far the symptoms have manifested almost entirely on my left side, and as we know, the left side of our bodies is controlled by the right side oh the brain. In my case “control” is misleading in that there are times I have very little control of my left hand. The tremor doesn’t affect my driving, but I’m glad I invested in Arca type mounts for my tripods, and am very grateful for the in-body stabilization in my cameras; that and the excellent high ISO capabilities they possess which affords fast shutter speeds.

Being it is New Year’s Eve and my birthday I want to take the opportunity to say how fortunate I am.  I am fortunate in that all of my complaints are minor inconveniences and irritations. I am in no discomfort and am not suffering the rigidity that afflicts some. And at least as far as I can tell (though some might argue) my cognition hasn’t been affected. It’s my belief that my job, this blog and photography are partly responsible for that. They all challenge my brain in good ways and that must help.

One of the things I learned in photography is that sometimes a tripod is needed for support and those three legs really come in handy. Sometimes however, we need a different kind of support and there I’m fortunate to have more than three friends to lean on.

My method of photography is this; I make photographs as I come upon them (when asked what kind of photography I do I usually say I’m an “opportunist”) though I can increase my chances by putting myself where good images are likely to happen. Once I have made the exposures I do the best I can to make those images reflect the way I see, even though that doesn’t always match reality. That’s by choice. I’ll admit, that in life as in photography, I haven’t always made the best choices, but that is on me and I accept that responsibility. But just as in life, in photography we work with what we are given and try to make the best of it, complaining is fruitless.

One more thing. I promise this will be the last photograph of me……at least for a while.Thanks for spending one more year visiting my blog. Happy New Year to you all!

Pentax K10D with 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens, processed in Photoshop CS4 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and Snapseed. I have rightly credited this image to Marc, for he was responsible for operating the camera, though the camera was mine, and the post processing was done by me. If he likes the result he is welcome to the credit. If he is unhappy with the final image, the blame is on me.


15 comments on “Parkinson’s revealed

  1. JohnAmes says:

    Yours is a fine blog Steven. I really enjoy reading and viewing it. Best of luck with everything and Happy New Year!


  2. Frank says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy New Year! I have had the privilege of your company for too short a time, so, many more birthdays to wait for! Your writing and photography talents are under appreciated, I’m glad to be able to absorb ’em along with your serene yet humorous patience and attention! Keep it going!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beka says:

    Your outlook on life reminds me of Daddy’s & mine, good, bad, sick or well it is all in how you make it. I love reading about the pix you took & why ya did & what ya see.
    I don’t mind seeing pix of you cuz it gives me a glimpse of the greatest man I ever knew, my hero, my Daddy.
    I love seeing how you play with the pix to bring some things out that some wouldn’t have noticed before & it doesn’t matter if it is a view that is passed by everyday seen & forgotten something there catches the eye & it changes the whole view.
    You have a great outlook on things, which is learned from yrs & yrs of choices made good & bad & ya ain’t afraid to own up to both.
    Thank you for your blog, pix & outlook on all it reminds me of Daddy & how he was, which is a great gift that you didn’t even know you were giving & I hope this yr coming is a great one for ya


    • It makes me very happy that I should remind you of your father and your fond memories of him. We never. Know how the things we do might have an affect on others. Thank you for following the blog and thanks too for your comments.

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  4. Hope you have a real happy birthday today, Steve. And I hope that things work out for you this next year.
    Carol and I are wishing you all the best.


    • I did have a very nice birthday with friends and co-workers, too. There are those I miss and wish could be here, but they are in my heart. And Wally, who I miss every day. Happy New Year to you both.


  5. bullroarin says:

    Happy birthday Steven, and may the New Year bring you many pleasant surprises. I enjoy your blog immensely…and your portrait is not half bad either!
    Take care my friend. ~ Dave


  6. Phil Cheney says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to a wonderful guy.


  7. csyoungjr says:

    I’m thankful I found your blog. Looking forward to more thoughtful writing and creative compositions in 2016. Happy Birthday & New Year!


  8. lutzbraum says:

    Every time I see your newest blog post in my inbox I feel I’ve received a small gift. And when I click through to see the post, I feel like I’ve had a small Zen moment of peace and tranquillity, which I appreciate even more so now that I’ve moved from CT to DC where I have a new job that keeps me too busy to have much time left for photography.

    So thank you for your photos and poems and please keep’em coming!

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  9. Thank you, Lutz, that may be the best gift I’ve had in years. I wrote someplace way back that I was keeping this journal for myself mostly, and just letting people have a look if they wanted. I didn’t expect many people to bother. But sometimes, every now and then, I find out some one is paying attention and it makes my day. Thanks for being one of those people and coming back again and again. I hope you find the time no matter how busy you are to continue photographing.

    Thanks again, Steve.


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