Color in the workplace

imageBuilding site, Danbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Walking back to my car after a visit to the doctor at Danbury Hospital took me across the pedestrian walkway on the third floor of the parking garage. From that vantage point I could look across and down on the construction going on. There in the miday sun was a scene that reminded me of the work of Ming Thein, photographer and blogger whose work I find interesting. Fortuneately I had carried the Lumix G3 with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens. I made a few exposures, maybe six in all, and went on about my business. Later, when I opened the files, I was really surprised just how near to Ming’s look I came. If you have the time you might visit his site here or here Flickr: mingthein.

I don’t often try to copy someone’s style or look, but I find nothing wrong with doing it as an exercise and as a way to learn. It has been a common practice for artists and craftspeople for centuries. If you have never tried to copy or emulate someone else’s work before I encourage you to do so. Just don’t get in the habit of it!


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