Dining al fresco?

imageCafe, Bantam, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It was the crazy way the lattice work and shadows, and the brick patio floor interacted to produce an almost kalidascopic effect that attracted my attention as I walked past on a bright sunny afternoon. I quickly changed lenses for my widest, 15mm on the Pentax K5IIs. It was a challenge to make some sense of order out of a chaos of light, shadow and line that changed with the smallest change in position. I worked the scene for a about five minutes, and as I moved about, left right, up down, watching how lines intersected and keeping an eye on the corners. I started to wonder what it was like to sit in that inclosed space and try to maintain interest in the food. Perhaps it would be different at night. Then I started to wonder why the owners felt the need to cage in the patrons. Is it so they don’t get up and leave without paying? Obviously they aren’t worried about someone stealing the tables and chairs while no one is watching, let alone the silverware. Stange, but it makes an interesting photograph.


2 comments on “Dining al fresco?

  1. csyoungjr says:

    Indeed, great composition!


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