A place in the sun

wicker2Wicker chairs, Bethlehem, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I marvel how Hollywood manages to adapt novels into screenplays and then into movies. It’s hard for me to imagine Theodore Dreiser ever dreaming that his novel “American Tragedy” (1923) could be transformed into the movie “A Place in the Sun” (1951) starring the ever moody Montgomery Clift and the translucent Elizabeth Taylor. The general plot is the same, or similar enough that there has been no argument about attribution, but just about everything else, location, names and title have been changed. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a terrific movie, it is, but it argues in favor for the talent of the screen writers (Michael Wilson and Harry Brown) and director George Stevens. Worth watching.

For me, a place in the sun, means something different. It’s a place to sit and enjoy a few quiet minutes in the warm glow of afternoon, and someone interesting to share it with.


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