What am I to do?

imageWally, age fifteen, rest in pease.

I’m heartbroken to tell you that my friend and companion, Wally, became a victim of cancer. On his morning walk Saturday, he suddenly stopped and would not move. As I joined up with him, I saw the look in his eyes and knew something was seriously wrong. It was like watching a cloud pass over his eyes. I called Chris in a panic and she called the vet to tell them we were bringing him in. The doctor examined him and was concerned enough to order an x-ray. He has a history of bladder stones, in fact he had already been through two sugeries, and that is what I thought was wrong.

The x-ray showed a mass that worried everyone, so it was off to the emergency clinic for an ultrasound. That’s when we got the terrible news. It was a cancerous growth called hemangiosarcoma, inoperable, very aggressive and painful. The doctor advised that Wally could hemorrhage into his abdomen again at any moment and die in pain before we could do anything to help him. We made the only responsible decision to ease his passing the best way we could. He went quietly in my lap as Chris and I wept.

He was a rescue dog that we adopted fourteen years ago and never regretted for one minute. He was smart, sensitive, and courteous. He was a gentleman we loved having in our lives and he kept me company with his smiling eyes. He was a friend, not a pet, and I miss him terribly.


2 comments on “What am I to do?

  1. JohnAmes says:

    Losing a beloved pet is just horrible. I’m so sorry.


  2. Wally was clearly a wonderful companion. Such an adorable fellow. Take heart in knowing that you did all you could for him and gave him back in full measure the love he gave you.


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