Lost and found, and lost again

imageTwisted © Steven Willard

This vine had gotten itself so twisted and entangled in the pickets of this old fence that it was impossible for me to tell if it started inside the fence or out. My guess is that the vine long ago became confused about its own goal and now just grew without direction.

Isn’t that just like life? We start off thinking we have a plan, a goal, but someplace along the way we lose the path, and waste time and energy trying to find our way again. If we are lucky, we might stumble onto a better path than we were on before, but for many it’s just a trail that leads us further and further from our goal.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of autofocus for keeping people sharply sighted on their goals, that projected a clear image of the right path? Perhaps it explains the need so many have for spiritual guidance and the business of proffering it.

The best remedy I’ve found is good, sound, trustworthy friends who can help call you back when you wander off. Make friends, they will let you wander, but not get lost. They will carry some of your load when it gets too heavy and be happy to do it. But it is a shared relationship, you must be there in return, and often, just being there is all you need to do.


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