Going, but not forgotten


imagePolaroid 545 Land Film Holder

Moving into a RV has involved getting rid of a lot of stuff I’ve been hanging on to, mostly out of sentiment. There was a time that I considered myself a pretty serious black and white photographer, not a pro, but not because of the quality of my images, but because I never earned even a small portion of my income from photography. I wasn’t alone. There were thousands of us out there who considered photography our creative outlet. For some of us, Polaroid was a vital tool.

If you shot in the 4X5 format, the 545 holder allowed the use of a number of films available in pack form, which meant you didn’t have to carry bulky, heavy, cut film holders. It also allowed the the use of several Polaroid emulsions, probably the the most interesting of which was the Type 55P/N which gave both a positive print and a negative that could be printed with conventional enlarging methods. Think of it as a precursor to ‘chimping’ with a digital camera. The problem was that if you wanted the best print you had to expose differently than if you wanted the best negative, and the negative, if you wanted to keep it, had to be cleared in a solution as soon as possible. Polaroid even had a small pail with negative carriers for use in the field. The stuff we used to put up with!

This item, along with enlarger, lenses and negaive carriers, will all be listed on ebay with hopes they will go to a good home. Everything, ironically, was photographed with a digital camera.


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