Found objects

Fall medley, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Fall medley, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I walked around the side of the building trying to find some respite from a chilly wind. Wally had asked, politely as always, for a walk so he could relieve himself, and misjudging how cold it was, and how long we would be out, I had not put on a jacket.

It was one of the first bleak days after our first real frost; grey scudding clouds and a wind that hinted at what sort of weather is to come, and I was cold. I knew there was a small protected niche where one wall of the building jutted out and that’s where we headed. Sure enough, there in the shelter of that small vee I was able to nestle with my back to the corner, out of the worst of the wind, while Wally cast back and forth looking for the perfect spot to pee.

With my field of view limited to the ninety degrees of the building at my back, and a chain link fence directly in front of me, I really only had two things to look at, the sky or the ground. And there at my feet, an eddy of windblown leaves arranged and rearranged themselves as I looked on. Where was my camera? Like my jacket, back in the RV! But wait, I had my iPhone in my hip pocket and out it came. I selected my favorite iPhone camera app, 645 PRO and managed to squeeze off a few exposures before Wally was pulling on the leash to go home.

Note to self: It’s that time of year when a jacket is likely needed, and ALWAYS TAKE A CAMERA!

iPhone 4s using the 645 PRO app, processed on my iPad Air with Snapseed.


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