Swept away

imageRocks and Eddies, Shepaug River, Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Many have likened life to a river; fast and tumultuous, others slow and serene. We start with barely a ripple, but some thrive in the rapids, a few create their own standing wave. Most enter the river a little shakey, needing the support of those who have gone before to help us balance against the current and to show us where to place our feet. Eventually, however, they tire and are swept away, leaving us to stand on our own…or not. But everyone steps into a different river, my river was not the river of my parents, and no matter how hard those who show us the way may try, they can not totally prepare us for what’s to come. A some point we have to let go of our suport, to stand, however tremulous, on our own, until it’s our turn to be swept away.

Pentax K5IIs with Pentax 55-300 zoom lens, processed with Snapseed on my iPad Air.


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