Wetlands, late summer

imageRoxbury wetlands, Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

There was a time that if you told me I would find marshy wetlands interesting or photogenic, I would have scoffed. I saw no drama there, no centeral subject to anchor the eye, just cattails, dead trees and marsh grasses. I have come to change my mind, however. Now what I see is a myriad of textures and a subtle color palette that changes moment by moment as the clouds roll by. I have begun to understand the important role the wetlands plays in the local ecosystem and that influences how I react to them, too. After all, it’s easier to invest more of ourselves in something when we understand it, or at least begin to.

In another month the trees will be in fall color, the cattails will have turned, and the grasses will have begun to die back for the winter.

Pentax K5IIs with 55-300 zoom, processed with Picsplay and Snapseed on my iPad Air.




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