Early morning walk

imageHostas, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I took a short walk on Main Street before it got too hot and before the sun got too high overhead. It was a bright clear morning, beautiful even, but not my favorite light for taking photographs. My preference is for high hazy overcast that turns the sky into a giant softbox, but you don’t always get the light you want. Today there were no clouds and the harsh light called for very careful metering to keep the highlights from blowing out. I might have used HDR multiple exposure techniques, but in this case I was just too lazy.

I was attracted to this small vignette that is so typically Connecticut; hostas boardering a white picket fence along a bluestone walk. In a few weeks the hostas will have lost their blossoms and the leaves will have turned to gold. The leaves on the maple trees, just visible inside the fence, will have turned their fall colors, too.

Pentax K5IIs, processed in Snapseed and PS Express on my iPad Air.


One comment on “Early morning walk

  1. Good you were lazy, HDR would have probably ruined your excellent composition and light metering of this beautiful scene and moment.


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