Rich not wealthy

imageLouis, Morris, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I have recently been put in the position of really looking at my finacial situation. No surprise that from a monetary standpoint I’m in pretty lousy shape. Right now it looks like I’ll never be able to completely retire. The cost of health insurfance alone will see to that, and a guy has to eat.

But in so many other ways I’m as rich as I’ve ever been. I own my home outright, even if it is an motorcoach. It’s small I’ll grant, but it is very comfortable, and if I absolutely have to I can pull the jacks up and drive away. My car is paid for, and being a Honda I expect it to be good for another hundred thousand miles. I’m in reasonably good health. The cancers I’ve experienced appear to be cured or in remission, and the Parkinson’s is only an annoyance…so far. But the real measure of my wealth, by my accounting, is in the number and quality of the friends I have. Some of these friends I see on a fairly regular basis, some not so often (Ilia forgive me), but they are all on my mind every day.

In no particular order I can name Marc, Susan, Steven, Ilia, Richard, Susan (again), Glen, Tom, Bob, Ray, Tony, Francis, Frank, Phil, Paul, Richard (another one), Herb, Jak, Kaye, Theresa and Louis. These are people I think of as friends, people who have, and would, do favors for me, and perhaps more telling, people I would do favors for. They have listened to my woes, encouraged, advised and then left me to do what I needed to do without judgement. Most of them would be willing to loan me money even though they don’t have any to spare, the true sign of a generous heart. Put another way, I’m blessed.

Little by little I have been making portraits of my friends. I’ve wanted them to be spontaneous, but I’ve started to think maybe I’d better pick up the pace just a bit. I never hurts to be under a little bit of pressure, even if it’s self induced. They are now under notice, if I haven’t already made your portrait you are on my list.

Louis has worked as an architectural photographer in New York City and currently works with his wife Theresa in their design business. I caught Louis in his kitchen while we enjoyed a cup of coffee. We sat at a table with a window nearby and I took one exposure, just one. Is this what he looks like? It’s what he looked like at that instant, and it’s just quirky enough that I’m happy with the result.

Olympus OMD EM5 with 50mm f3.5 macro processed in Snapseed on my iPad Air.


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