Reflection…Per Stephen Willard Images

I have been a longtime reader of Brooks Jensen, publisher of Lens Work, and a very fine photographer. Brooks has some good advise for us photographers about productivity; projects. His advise is to set tasks for ourselves in the form of projects, and it is advice I try to follow. The projects don’t have to be large or involved, in fact I personally think it’s best if they aren’t, but it is much more likely that you will be productive if you have a goal. I generally have three or four “projects” in the back of my mind, and they can, and often do, influence my shooting.

Thanks John for the reference. Good shooting!

Frog Pond Journal


Stephen Willard is a fine photographer who has this blog on WordPress Steven Willard Images. In his latest post he talks about finding an image that can be viewed right side up as well as upside down. Here is one of those views I took this winter at a bird sanctuary in Florida.

The framer didn’t know what side I wanted up. Neither did I. It was easiest to put 2 mounting wires on the back so one can have a choice. 

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