Uniquely perfect

imageBlue hydrangea, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

As Wally and I returned from our walk we took a detour through the back of a neighbor’s condo. It’s a part of the property I don’t see often, and there by the side of the walk, was this blossom. I looked it over closely and couldn’t find a blemmish on it anywhere; it was perfect.

I’ve been carrying the little OM D EM5 while Wally and I stretch our legs for circumstances like this. Today I had the kit zoom mounted and it only took a moment to make a few exposures. Back inside I downloaded the file to my iPad Air and went to work in PS Express and Snapseed, but only to add some sharpness and a bit of vignette to isolate the flower from the leaves. This late in the season it’s hard to find a blossom that doesn’t have one or two damaged petals or at least omne blemmish. As far as I was concerned this one was perfect; it was unique.

OMD EM5 with 1-42 kit zoom.


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