Patterns in Nature

imagePalm leaves, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I find that I am constantly amazed by the patterns in nature. A bee’s wing when looked at up close, any flower you can think of, leaves of grass, clouds and the patterns left in the sand by waves; the waves themselves. I’ve looked at fingerprint whorls and the skin on Wally’s nose, the layers left in sand stone deposits and bird feathers. Wherever you look, if you pay attention, there are patterns. Some are regular and symetrical, others are impossible to decipher, fractals.

For the obsessed, trying to find meaning in patterns can be mind bending. For me, fortunately, it is a diversion. Nature created the first patterns, and man copied. We found the reason in repitition, the even rows of shingles, rows of corn that match the spacing of the machines that plant it, and round irrigation circles that leave odd corners are wonderful to look at from the air. They all have meaning, so too, does nature, though not always so easy to understand.

These palms are right across the street from Chris’s condo and I see them every time I visit. This time of year they are growing rapidly, unfurling a new leaf every few days in a hurry to beat the first killing freeze.

Olympus OMD EM5 with 55mm Micro Nikkor with adaptor. Processed in Snapseed on my iPad Air.


One comment on “Patterns in Nature

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    beautiful shot Mr. Willard, now your talkin!!!!


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