Maybe I was never here

imageAntiques and Primatives © Steven Willard

It doesn’t happen often, but I can’t remember the name of the little town in Indiana where this photograph was made. There was a small green just opposite this store, with signs advertising Founders Day celebrations. From what I saw, it was possible that some of the founders may have still been alive with plans to attend. It was that kind of place.

I was on the return trip from California, driving the RV coach I bought and in which I am now living. I must have been into day five (or maybe it was six) and I was getting a little “punchy”. I had been driving long hours and not sleeping enough. At any rate, I had decided to visit some of the small towns near Spencer, Indiana, where I had started school, and was taking back roads to towns that stirred some small spark of recollection. The problem was that it had been almost sixty years since I had been in the area and everything looked vaguely familiar, and nothing did. I think I might have been wanting to recognize places I’d never seen before. Earlier in the day I had managed to find the church where my dad was minister and the parsonage where we had lived, so maybe I was trying too hard to remember more. I don’t know.

If you look closely you can make out “LOVE” painted on the window, and to the right a distorted reflection of me making the photograph, or maybe it’s just an illusion. Maybe I’ve never been there at all.

Olympus OMD EM5 with kit zoom.


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