Two tables, no waiting

image2 white tables, 2 white chairs, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

From the leaves on the ground and the dirt on the tables it looks like it’s been some time since anyone sat here for drinks or for an al fresco dinner. The fact is, they sit behind a house that suffered a fire last fall and there has been no one to use them since.

These aren’t the sort of furniture pieces that are ever likely to become antiques or merely collectible. They were manufactured to sell cheap and last a few seasons, then end up in the dumpster. But who knows, there may come a time when someone will drag one of these tables home from the flee market in triumph, a trophy for the new porch or deck. Hard to believe? I remember when people threw Stickley and Roycroft Arts and Crafts furniture in the dump, now it’s highly collectible. Who knew?

Maybe somebody will find these tables and chairs forgotten back here and take them home, it just won’t be me. But if you have a Stickley Morris chair you want to get rid of, get in touch.



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