Walkin’ the dog

imageTank, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Sometimes when I take Wally out for his evening stroll I’ll grab a camera  and lens I haven’t used for a while “just in case”. Today it was the little Lumix G3 and the weird little Olympus Body Cap lens.

Wally and I play this game; when I see something to photograph, he has to wait. When he needs to take a few minutes to concentrate, I have to find something to photograph. Strangely enough, I’ve made better images stopping for him than for me. I think he has a better eye than I. That’s not to say all the efforts are home runs, but I’ve gotten some good solid base hits.

In this case Wally stopped right by the water tank that supplies water for our condo. I looked up, and liked the curve, the blue sky and the hint of whispy cloud. Sooo…

Lumix G3 with Olympus Body Cap lens processed in PS Express and Snapseed on my iPad Air.


4 comments on “Walkin’ the dog

  1. Carl Weese says:

    Fun shot…didin’t realize you were in Woodbury.–Carl


    • A true funny story. Do you remember when you had the photo magazine cover of the night time shot made at the fairgrounds, in the rain? What’s that been, twenty years? I was new to Woodbury then and I didn’t know anyone associated with photography, so I looked you up and called you. I introduced myself and offered to buy you a cup of coffee, remember? You said the funniest thing. You said “Why?” Well I didn’t quite know what to say to that. Since then we’ve met three times. Not sure why.


  2. Nice Mr. Willard. Lucky those birds showed up when they did. Betcha Wally didn’t predict that.


  3. Don’t bet on it. He is wise beyond his years.


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