Patience, patience, patience

Wine on the vine, White Silo Winery, Sherman, Connecticut © Steven Willard

These grapes are about three months away from being harvested, and then it’s into the winery, and more waiting. This wine thing calls for patience.

Lumix G3 with Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens, processed on my iPad Air.


2 comments on “Patience, patience, patience

  1. Sandra Ingram says:

    Steve, I’m sorry to hear your story. It’s similar to mine – 33 years, and yes, people do change. If you need a destination, motor down here. Or meet us in Cooperstown, New York, for baseball’s Hall of Fame weekend. We are flying in to Syracuse Friday, July 24, coming home Monday evening. We will be staying in Utica.
    Love, Sandra


    • Hey Sandra, Glad you dropped in. Chris and I just grew in different directions I guess. We are still on friendly terms, and I hope will continue to be. I’m sorry I won’t be able to meet you in Cooperstown, but I will just be getting back from the trip to LA to pick up the coach and I’ll be out of vacation time (and money!).

      Greg gave me your new phone numbers so I’ll call soon.

      Please check out my other new blog


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